Abbey Lou, Taking Style To Class

For my daughter Abbey's 12th birthday I gave her a charm necklace that said "be yourself" on it. Knowing she was entering the tumultuous teen years, I wanted to give her something that would be meaningful, as well as serve as a reminder to stay true to herself and be confident in who she was. For the last few years Abbey has worn that necklace every day. As the mother of 4, I, like every mom, am constantly searching for ways to strengthen my children and teach them to embrace their uniqueness.

Around that same time, Abbey entered middle school and started having a hard time finding the perfect school bag at the beginning of each school year. She wanted something adorable and unique while I also wanted her to find something functional and sturdy to withstand the abuse a teenage girl can inflict on a school bag. While helping her in her search, I began to imagine bags that would meet all of these criteria. I started sketching bags in the car and in the middle of the night. I would sit in the carpool line at school and watch girls walking in and out, noting their bags and how they could be improved. I began to dream of designing bags with Abbey and starting a mother/daughter company that encouraged girls to be strong and unique and believe they can achieve any dream they could imagine. Having just had my 4th baby, it was certainly not the easiest time in my life to start a company, not to mention I have a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, NOT design! However, the idea persisted. I read a quote once that said "if its still in your mind, its worth taking the risk." So, after pitching the idea to my husband, his overwhelming encouragement and support have driven Abbey and I to pursue this dream and we are finally ready to launch Abbey Lou.

Abbey Lou bags are designed with the discerning, stylish girl in mind. Combining bright colors, fun prints, high quality materials, and school functionality, we offer everything a girl could want in a great bag. Various accessories such as coordinating ipad cases, PC sleeves, and interchangeable flowers, allow you to make your look truly unique. Abbey Lou...taking style to class!