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Jennifer Smith - Thursday, September 06, 2012

For those of you who have been reading our blog you may have noticed a common theme among our posts. When you become a mom and watch your kids grow up there are so many things you want for them. When they are little you think you have all the time in the world to tell and teach them everything they need to know. Then they become teenagers. And between school and sports and activities and friends, you discover that you rarely see them...and that time is moving waaaaaay too fast...and all of a sudden they are grown and you worry that you didn't teach them everything you wanted to.

So a lot of our blogs will be about some of those life lessons I want to share with my daughters... and sons... and their friends and their cousins and -- you get the point. Hopefully, they won't seem too "lecturey", because they aren't meant to be (well, maybe sometimes). But mostly I hope they are "inspirey" and in a small way will help you be a better you. Some of our blog ideas I get from what is going on in Abbey's life and ask for her input on things that are important and relevant to her/you. And some of them will just be for fun. They will be (mostly) brief-I know you're busy! But I will warn you , I have A LOT to say! haha.


P.S. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!  Just make the team or get straight A's?  Learn a valuable lesson or have something you want us to blog about?  Let us know!