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Being glad to be back at school (Is that even possible?)

Jennifer Smith - Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Girl's Chance to Go to School

As the first bell of the first day of school rings, it may be hard to think positive thoughts. As you walk into your classroom and leave your long summer days behind you, there may be reason to celebrate. Celebrate!? That’s right. CEL-A-BRATE!

Did you know that in some countries around the world, girls aren’t allowed to go to school? It may sound like a dream come true, until you realize what their days are filled of instead of school. As a female in one of these countries you are usually expected to participate in hard labor throughout the day. Fetching water, scrubbing floors, taking care of children and cooking over a hot stove could be what takes up an entire day.

Educating girls in school has taken time to become a norm. It is easy to take it for granted here, because the United States values the education of women. In developing countries, educating women has a direct and positive correlation with that woman’s ability to provide for herself, with her health levels and with her ability to care for her children.

There are many amazing pioneers in education that have taken their belief, that women should be educated, to third world countries. Slowly, but surely, progress is being made around the world.

So, walk into school with your head held high this year. Succeed in your classes, work hard and learn all that you can. Maybe, when you grow up, you will be able to take your education to those many women that are not as privileged as you around the world and share with them what you are going to learn today, tomorrow and for the rest of your time as a student.